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Sillycow Farms Sillycow Farms

Sillycow Farms

Sillycow Farms’ flagship flavour, Chocolate Chocolate, has just two ingredient: cocoa and natural cane sugar. All real, non-artificial and certified Non-GMO. Being in the specialty foods business, Their story is one of pioneering, persistence and being knowledgeable of consumer trends for demanding foods that are clean, green and nutritional. Sillycow Farms’ hot chocolate in their iconic pint milk bottle is blended and filled in an allergen free facility. Free of dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, and nuts.

Available In:

Chocolate, truffle, marshmallow swirl, moo-usse, maple, peppermint twist, pumpkin spice, double udder, sea salt caramel, java chip, coconut cream and ginger snap

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